In addition to handling your case before trial and through trial, Watson Bonander handles any appeals of the lower court’s decision in both Georgia courts and federal courts. When a case ends with an erroneous judgment of the court or an unsatisfactory verdict from a jury, whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant, we can represent you the in the complex area of appellate proceedings. Having appellate experience is particularly advantageous for our fiduciary and business litigation clients as we are able to provide protection of the record and preservation of the error should it be necessary to appeal one of our cases. 

Crafting a solid appellate brief is critical to winning an appeal. In addition to our experience with appellate oral argument, we are highly skilled at writing appellate briefs, and many times are asked to review and edit briefs from other attorneys where we have no involvement in the underlying case prior to the appeal. We are admitted to represent parties on appeal in:

  • The Supreme Court of Georgia
  • The Court of Appeals of Georgia
  • The Eleventh Circuit, United States Court of Appeals
  • The United States Supreme Court

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